IT Strategy

With technology driving the business strategy, companies must rethink how they approach IT to attain sustainable growth while adapting to a rapidly evolving market.


In our technology-driven world, there is a tendency to value first-to-market speed above everything else. But today, it’s not just speed that wins. It’s agility.

An effective technology strategy is one that complements the business strategy. For a global enterprise, the IT organization must be capable of operating at varying speeds and scales to meet the changing needs of specific markets. For technology leaders, the larger goal is to deliver products, services and experiences at the speed customers expect.

Leading IT organizations are making the shift from “full speed ahead” to agility, adjusting for specific business challenges. They are achieving this with operating models that are flexible and efficient, and with a strategic approach that allocates technology investment to capabilities across the enterprise, not just within the IT function.

KPMG can help you refine and, if necessary, transform your entire IT program. We evaluate your capabilities and assess your technology requirements, as well as your operating and implementation model. We help select new applications and solutions with an eye toward mitigating risk and building resilience, while identifying strategic opportunities.

Our goal is to help you develop an IT strategy for today – built for speed and agility.

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David Tarabocchia

David Tarabocchia

Principal, CIO Advisory , KPMG US