Responding quickly to allegations of fraud or misconduct is rarely easy, especially if the wrongdoing occurs in foreign countries.


KPMG Forensic professionals have the right skills and backgrounds to proficiently conduct a prompt, cost-effective, and objective investigation.

Our team works closely with clients to understand investigation objectives, coordinate our approach, and use the appropriate resources. Through detailed inquiries and examinations, including the use of leading data analytic techniques, our highly credentialed professionals provide an impartial means to establish truths, evaluate implications, identify appropriate remedial actions, submit restatements, and communicate with regulators or outside auditors.

We have the necessary familiarity with domestic markets and foreign cultural standards, language skills, and local regulatory and privacy laws to consistently deliver high-quality results by leveraging KPMG’s proprietary global investigation methodology.

Through central coordination, our services are scalable—from a small team in one city to many teams operating simultaneously in dozens of countries. A single point of contact can readily assemble local or multinational teams to help ascertain the pertinent information so that a concern or situation can be resolved swiftly and with minimal disruption and cost.

Forensic accountants and lawyers: A powerful team

Investigation technology

One of the greatest challenges in any investigation is finding the relevant data and managing issues related to jurisdictional access to data and data transport. Collections must be executed efficiently, cost-effectively, and with strict chains of custody.

KPMG’s advanced technology capabilities enable our clients to respond quickly to adverse events. Our clients value access to our skilled Forensic Technology professionals, who have the experience and reach to allow them to recover and analyze digital evidence virtually.

Independent integrity monitoring services

Whether as a result of plea agreements, settlements with the government, or as a voluntary compliance effort, it has become increasingly common for companies to need the services of an independent integrity monitor. KPMG has substantial experience monitoring complex, large-scale government contracts in the context of fraud, waste, and abuse prevention. KPMG is able to provide professional services in all phases of a project, including strategy and development, procurement and risk assessment, project oversight and monitoring (cost, schedule, quality), contract compliance, audit and cost recoveries and anti-fraud oversight.

Our people

Matthew McFillin

Matthew McFillin

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