Future of Internal Audit

Drive change through data-driven solutions.


Stop reporting the news. Start driving change.

KPMG brings a dynamic, data-driven approach to internal audit so you can use insight – not hindsight – to anticipate critical enterprise risks, enhance assurance, and increase resilience. We help organizations modernize their internal audit by combining an agile approach and data-driven solutions including data analytics, automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning

Our approach helps you achieve:

  • Enhanced assurance and resilience through use of technology
  • Deep insights into risk
  • Business improvement and impact

Rapid changes in business models, regulatory requirements, and technology disruption present opportunities for internal audit growth. This area can identify and help companies respond to risks and make progress managing strategic and growth priorities. To provide enhanced value, internal audit must harness data and emerging technologies and challenge the status quo. In doing so, it will help reduce risk, improve controls, and identify potential efficiencies and cost benefits across the organization.

Our people

Michael A. Smith

Michael A. Smith

Partner, U.S. Internal Audit Solution Leader, KPMG US