Internal audit & enterprise risk management

Details are critical. As the “eyes and ears”, risk professionals must paint a holistic picture of the health of the organization.


Organizations are digitally transforming at a greatly accelerated pace.

As a result, senior leaders must have visibility into a wide range of new risk areas. Internal audit and Sarbanes-Oxley plans must be risk-based, flexible, dynamic and data-driven.

Given the complexity and uncertainties ahead, internal audit, SOX functions, and risk managers must help paint a holistic picture that includes: 

  • The overall health of the organization
  • Key vulnerabilities and opportunities
  • Preparedness to pivot as conditions change
  • Your view of the company’s future.

You can help unleash enterprise potential when you give your stakeholders reason to trust your organization’s approach to risk and regulation.  That trust will transfer to employees, who carry out the culture; customers; and consumers, who are vested in your brand and product. In addition, it will extend to partners and suppliers, investors, and communities that see your purpose and passion.

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Deon Minnaar

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