Integrity Due Diligence

Assess third parties before you onboard them.


How well do you know your third parties?

Bringing third-party organizations—such as service providers, vendors, suppliers, distributors, agents and contractors—into your business network requires a careful balance of speed while evaluating risk.

Improper oversight of third parties can contribute to financial loss, reputational harm, and/or operational disruptions. Thus, it is critical for your business to undertake a thorough evaluation of the risks that each third party poses to your organization. 

With KPMG Integrity Due Diligence capabilities, we can help you answer a critical and recurring question: Should we do business with this company or individual? 

We provide a risk-based approach to surface relevant information and help you manage your third-party risks timely and with confidence.

Our proprietary Integrity Due Diligence services leverage technology and the knowledge of experienced Forensic professionals to assist clients with making informed decisions on their interactions with third parties while meeting external regulatory and internal compliance requirements.

KPMG can provide actionable intelligence as you perform both due diligence during onboarding and ongoing monitoring throughout the business relationship lifecycle. This helps you address a variety of risks, such as those associated with bribery and corruption, money laundering, sanctions, political exposure, opaque ownership, M&A and conflict of interest. We can help you achieve this by:

  • Assimilating and analyzing publicly-available information to provide reliable intelligence
  • Identifying hidden factors and providing insights on the reputation, track record and integrity of third parties to help identify regulatory or reputational red flags that may negatively impact your businesses
  • Obtaining information that can enable you to understand what, or who, you are dealing with, no matter the stage of the third-party lifecycle
  • Applying deep investigative research skills in major local languages to conduct exhaustive public record research and, if necessary, conducting inquiries with well-placed sources on the ground
  • Offering customized, focused, discreet investigations tailored to your specific needs on a case-by-case basis


Speed and quality

Relieve your staff of the burden, complexity, and uncertainty of third-party assessments and monitoring. We can deliver third-party assessments on a timely basis to help accelerate your time to value.

Professionally tailored

Attain a mix of quick assessments, enhanced due diligence and in-depth third-party investigations. We can help you develop a detailed risk policy and decision workflows based on your specific business priorities, policies, and regulatory requirements, while assisting with the uplift of your third-party risk management (TPRM) program and due diligence activities.


Help increase confidence in your risk findings and corporate compliance programs. Draw on current data sources to help manage a variety of risks including complex and rapidly evolving ones related to sanctions, export compliance and even Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) concerns.


One decision can severely impact your business. Why risk it?
Learn more in our brochure about how KPMG helps improve your capabilities to onboard third parties with confidence and speed, allowing you to focus on your business priorities.
ForensicFocus: Managing third-party risk through effective due diligence
As long as companies continue to face complex risks in dynamic business environments and regulators continue to put pressure on companies to comply, it will remain critical for businesses to maintain a sustainable approach for any third-party risk management program to be successful.


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Marc Miller

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