Integrated intelligent forecasting

Unlock the full potential of data & analytics

Connected forecasting from the start

For many companies intelligent forecasting works in a silo. Some companies might test-drive it in a single business unit to prove the concept, while others have multiple forecasting initiatives in motion, all using different data sets, analytics tools, business rules and outputs. And while different proofs-of-concept may seem to “work” individually, can they work together?

This fundamental gap in connectivity continues to be the biggest barrier many companies face with intelligent forecasting. At KPMG, we’ve been helping clients solve this with an integrated approach that envisions not just intelligent forecasting, but connected forecasting from the start.

Industries featured in our real-world use cases



Consumer and retail












Financial services



Healthcare and life sciences



Learn how enhanced data and analytics can deliver smarter, more intelligent forecasts, providing powerful new insights that help your company navigate today’s volatile business climate. With the continued increase in different data and analytics tools used across siloed line of business, execution can get complex.

From proof of concept to connected capabilities

4 steps to a more intelligent forecast


Intelligent forecasting

Key attributes

  • Advanced predictive techniques
  • Enhanced data & signals
  • Automation



Integrated forecasting

Key attributes

  • Consistent results across different business processes
  • Drive strategic, tactical and operational decisions
  • Powered by unified/synchronized data sources

Demystifying intelligent forecasting

Tangible steps to get started on the road to more dynamic and valuable forecasts

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