KPMG Ignite

Ignite is a platform that accelerates development of AI-enabled services “time to market”, based on our client’s most challenging business problems.


Unlocking the value of artificial intelligence: KPMG Ignite

Ignite is KPMG’s portfolio of artificial intelligence capabilities. It includes domain expertise, proprietary and integrated open source tools, frameworks, and patterns, as well as strategic technology partnerships.

The KPMG Ignite ecosystem helps enhance, accelerate, automate, and augment decisions that drive growth and profitability. AI – combined with deep industry and analytics expertise – helps clients embrace intelligent technologies confidently and responsibly.

The Ignite internal development platform creates the ability to dynamically leverage the best “AI-tool” for the job. A modern ML architecture supports API and container based deployments and enables the reuse of previously built models and collected domain expertise to maximize data science time.

Our services are customized to handle different requirements around input, analysis and results so that the services meet the needs of the business.

KPMG Ignite platform

Our platform integrates cutting-edge open source tools, KPMG-developed IP, frameworks, patterns, and leading technologies supported by our alliance partnerships. The platform enables KPMG resources to accelerate development of solutions and “time to market.”


Deployment options

There are several deployment options available, in order to cater to a client’s specific need, scope, size and business challenge. Services delivered leveraging KPMG IGNITE include:

One-time service/analysis

Custom solutions

Analytics as a service

Complete custom AI-Platform design and implementation

Our people

Todd Lohr

Todd Lohr

Principal, Digital Lighthouse Leader, KPMG US

Martin Kaestner

Martin Kaestner

Principal, Data and Analytics Lead, KPMG in the US