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Create a culture of life-long learning that drives business outcomes.

The new reality is accelerating the race toward digitization and a massive shift toward remote working. Concurrently, many organizations are struggling to find necessary skillsets internally and externally to keep up with the pace of change. 

Organizations must upskill to become more agile and fulfill skill gaps. And it’s imperative they upgrade the learning experience to meet workforce expectations. To accomplish this, they will need to leapfrog to the future of learning—creating an immersive digital learning environment that propels employee performance and delivers measurable outcomes. 

Training is an event. Learning is a journey. We have the capabilities to help you deliver.

How KPMG can help

We can help you understand where your learning and development (L&D) program is today and what is needed to move it forward. As leaders in digital learning and strategy, we take a highly collaborative approach to co-creating guiding principles—as well as a future-state vision, programs and content that best meet your organization and workforce where they are today. We help you build a roadmap for change—a steady evolution toward a culture of lifelong learning and upskilling—regardless of where you are on the journey. Using analytics-backed insights, we co-design a strategy that will take your organization’s workforce into the future of work. 

Our services include:

Learning Strategy

Taking an employee-centric approach, we work with you to design a learning strategy that aligns with the business strategy. This will guide you in equipping teams with the right skills, knowledge and competencies to fulfill the organization’s future workforce needs. 

Learning managed solutions

We help deliver connected learning in the flow of work by leveraging empathy, AI, automation, and process efficiencies at scale to create a more agile and skilled workforce of the future, while also reducing costs.

Digital Learning

We work with you to personalize the experience for your workers and leverage digital tools to deliver learning at scale, in the flow of work. We help you answer the questions, “How does our suite of learning technologies align with the overall strategy? And what technologies will enable a better learning experience? 

Explore the opportunities for the future of learning

Modern learning requires a tightly woven connection between new ways of working, advanced technology, employee experience, advanced analytics and culture.   
The workforce is set to change dramatically, and executives across the enterprise recognize that keeping their people feeling trained, engaged and proactive is critical. In fact, our research suggests reskilling is ranked as the most important factor in shaping future workforce composition.
Mike Mather, Principal, Human Capital Advisory, KPMG LLP (U.S.)

Rebuild and reskill the workforce for a changing and uncertain future

Senior executives now see talent development as key to future success. To respond, executives list learning and development platforms as the number one HR tech investment for the next 1-2 years in our global HR study. Learn how they are pivoting their strategy, priorities and technology investments in response to changing workforce and workplace dynamics. 


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