Digital HR and innovation

Reimagine a digital HR ecosystem to enhance the workforce experience.

The majority of the workforce is more tech-enabled than ever, and workers’ expectations for consumer-grade experiences are growing rapidly. To transform along with the workforce, organizations must focus on an integrated digital service experience that connects with the broader set of an organization’s people services, while incorporating deep analytics as well as intelligent automation capabilities. This will best enable the HR function to propel the business agenda through the lens of an organization’s people agenda.

The digital service experience is the foundation for a successful digital HR transformation. Today’s competitive and dynamic organization requires today’s modern HR to:

  • become a data-driven strategic partner with the business
  • lead with a workforce-centric experience
  • integrate, modernize, and streamline experience platforms and systems
  • optimize how HR delivers services
  • deliver on the value proposition of automation as both a byproduct and a goal.

How we can help you

We will work with you to become a future-ready business partner and strategist. Our specialists will team with you to develop a smart digital strategy—one that will position you to be agile, relevant, and resilient. KPMG Digital HR and Innovation services include:

  • digital service experience strategy and innovation
  • HR analytics strategy and modernization
  • HR automation strategy and modernization
  • HR technology strategy, selection, and implementation
  • HR technology enabled transformation activation.

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The HR function must reinvent itself

Heightened demands to deliver an innovative employee experience and growing business demands require continual modernization.

Be future-ready

Creating a balanced workforce of the future will take a strategic approach that applies a digital mind-set to the reinvention of work. We are seeing organizations responding to the inevitable need to reinvent. AI and digital technology are demolishing aging and soon-obsolete workplace structures.

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