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Rise of the humans

A pair of papers on integrating digital and human labor and shaping a workforce of bots and their bosses

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From changing workplace demographics to artificial intelligence, powerful forces are disrupting labor markets and requiring a new world of work. Leadership must be able to effectively attract, engage, empower and retain a multi-generational, global, diverse, and mobile workforce to successfully drive better business outcomes.

People are the number one end-to-end business asset. That’s why at KPMG, we are decidedly human. Our Human Resources, People and Change services are designed to help improve:

Behavioral change management

HR operations

Talent, organizational design and learning


Embracing the future of work

New technologies can lift performance. As AI and robotics rapidly expand their influence in the workforce, how are you embracing and shaping this to thrive in a new era of human capital management?

The best service delivery models allow HR leaders to act as true business partners who bring value-added analyses and decision support while continuing to deliver the employee experience and talent management strategy to meet the business’ objectives.

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