Financial reporting issues and restatement services

Financial reporting issues demand a quick and appropriate response. We can help you cut through the complexities of restatements.


KPMG Aggregation and Reporting Tool (KART)

Learn about how KART can analyze system data from 5,000 contracts to identify the 500 precise adjustments for a restatement.

Discovering a business unit has been improperly recognizing revenue.

Adopting a new accounting standard that requires retroactive restatement. Recasting prior years’ statements to realign business segments. Disposing of a business that qualifies for discounted treatment. Each of these situations requires restatements involving deep investigation, account reconstruction, data collection and analysis—all while maintaining day-to-day operations.

Our Financial Reporting Issues & Restatement Services team, comprised of diverse and deeply experienced professionals, can address your complex restatement-related issues, from accounting, tax and financial reporting to investigation and remediation services. Through our insights, guidance, customized strategies and innovative technology, we can help you evaluate accounting errors; investigate forensic and expert witness services; fix internal control problems, improve corporate governance; enable business transformation; and retrospectively adopt new accounting standards.

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Michele Meadows

Michele Meadows

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