Enterprise risk management

Redefine your risk approach to build trust, enhance culture, and make the right decisions when they count. Success is interconnected.


Our world is increasingly interconnected—technologically, financially, economically, socially, and environmentally. 

This interconnectedness causes interdependencies, making our risk landscape more dynamic. So, traditional risk assessments are not enough anymore. You need an enterprise risk management (ERM) program that meets your organization’s needs.

Ask yourself, how equipped are my organization’s leaders to make risk-based decisions? Do they have insight into how risks interact, including risks that are hard to quantify? 

The KPMG ERM approach uses a sophisticated combination of Data & Analytics (D&A) capabilities, tools that tap into human foresight, and the right organizational structures. One of the best ways to prepare for possible unprecedented events is to detect risks as they emerge, rather than when they have materialized. 

An agile ERM program becomes a mechanism to:

  • Enhance culture
  • Build trust with customers and third parties
  • Support an environment in which employees make the right decisions when it counts
  • Map your risks to show how they interact and how success is interconnected.

Our people

Joseph P Gyengo

Joseph P Gyengo

Principal, US Enterprise Risk Management Leader, KPMG US