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Industrial manufacturing



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Digital transformation insights

Industrial manufacturing

In an era of unprecedented change, manufacturers need to go beyond the hype of new technologies and embrace true digital transformation.


Getting manufacturers ready for the future

Emerging markets, streamlined business models, low-risk cost structures, and product innovation are just a few of the challenges for today’s manufacturers. And with continuing technological advances like robotics, automation, big data and the IoT, the industry is undergoing enormous change.

Redefining value gains

Digital helps manufacturers go after real value, not 1 percent productivity improvements.


Solving customer needs

From analytics to automation to cognitive, digital transformation helps manufacturers create great products that serve the customer best.



The opportunity

Digital disruption offers significant challenges, but it’s also a chance for manufacturers to embrace digital themselves. Applying a digital lens to every strategic decision—from where they compete to how they create products to how they manage the supply chain—will allow manufacturers to fundamentally improve, turbo-charging innovation, productivity, agility and customer focus.

What it takes

Future success for manufacturers means going beyond the hype of new technologies and digital business models. To capitalize on the new digital world, manufacturers will need to reinvent everything they do, with digital as the backdrop. And by leveraging digital technologies, this transformation process can be more innovative, fast, scalable, and agile—getting manufacturers ready for the future, today.


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Receive future insights on topics related to digital transformation, or request to be contacted by a KPMG professional.


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