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In healthcare, future business models will focus on technology-enabled relationships, not transactions.


Make your patient-centric vision real

Choice and flexibility. That’s how patients want access to information and care—which means digital channels and interactions are increasingly essential to healthcare systems’ success.

Combat patient leakage with digital transformation

You’re no longer just competing with the doctor down the street. You’re competing with digital healthcare entrants that provide services cheaper, quicker and with a better experience.


Remove friction to strengthen patient relationships

Patients today are willing to shop around for care. Digital transformation enables you to interact with them on their terms—and keep them coming back.



The opportunity

Digital transformation is a key building block of a patient-centric approach to healthcare and will help providers understand patient needs, streamline operations, provide a better user experience, and build trust and loyalty.

In addition, gathering and mining data provided by digital interactions will prove increasingly important. By understanding the needs and behaviors of target groups, healthcare providers will find new ways to increase value by building trust and loyalty.

What it takes

Moving forward in the digital era will require integrating and improving healthcare IT systems for greater efficiency and agility. Doing so will enable organizations to capitalize on their IT investments of the last decade, improving and transforming them to be ready for future growth, while providing a better user experience for both healthcare professionals and patients.

At KPMG we believe that the future of healthcare will be defined by systems that take a leaf out of other industries’ books and develop business models built around relationships not transactions. We are here to help our clients see the opportunities inherent in that vision, and to build the strategies and operating models required to act on it.

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Receive future insights on topics related to digital transformation, or request to be contacted by a KPMG professional.

Receive future insights on topics related to digital transformation, or request to be contacted by a KPMG professional.

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