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Government data stores hold the potential to improve just about everything the government does, if agencies have the vision and agility to use it.


Digital drives mission results

Against a backdrop of technological change, governments are under increasing pressure to improve constituent services, making them as fast, personal and agile as commercial services have become.

Here’s the good news: What they need  is right at their fingertips. It lies in the unprecedented volume of data collected and available to governments at all levels.


The opportunity

Government data is growing explosively. When it’s turned into useful insights, it will allow government functions to carry out their missions with faster speed, less waste and better outcomes. Government services will be more streamlined and efficient and more adaptable to ever-changing demands.

What it takes

Embedding data analytics at the core of government functions will create a new way of solving problems and sparking innovation. But it takes more than just data. To meet rising constituent expectations, governments will also need to apply those insights to fundamentally transform how they deliver services today and meet future challenges tomorrow. It starts with a citizen-first vision and it continues with digitally-enabled and data-driven functions founded on continuous innovation.

Just like the commercial sector, KPMG knows that creating higher-performing governmental agencies and delivering true transformational change must be founded on continuous innovation and relentless customer focus with a digital vision to win in the mind of the constituent. Tackling these changes head-on creates a more streamlined and agile government, fit to meet future challenges.


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Receive future insights on topics related to digital transformation, or request to be contacted by a KPMG professional.

Receive future insights on topics related to digital transformation, or request to be contacted by a KPMG professional.


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