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We have a rich understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities facing your industry in the digital era. When digital transformation strategies are informed by a deep understanding of industry dynamics, results soon follow.

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See KPMG's view on how digital transformation applies to today's companies.

Digital transformation insights

Financial services

To thrive in the digital era, financial services companies must unlock agility and innovation.


Driving change in traditional financial services

Mobile wallets. Virtual currencies. Next-generation credit scoring. Digital disruption is driving massive change in financial services. Those who know how to take advantage are taking the lead, tapping into data in new ways, launching new products and services, and revolutionizing customer connectivity.

Wow your customers

Driven by digital, customers have changing expectations for how they want to experience financial services products.



Turbocharge your productivity

Use digital technologies to transform how fast and responsively you deliver products and engage with employees.




The opportunity

Combined, new digital capabilities are enabling greater customer connectivity, enhanced customer experiences and more in-depth analytics which leads to revenue and efficiency gains while reducing risk. As the pace of change accelerates, opportunities for digital transformation come from many directions.


What it takes

In this fast-evolving market, offering a superb customer experience—one that that is seamless, personal, on-demand and relevant across all channels—is essential. So is using data and analytics you can trust. Data insights allow you to truly know your customers and is the driving force behind reimagining your offerings.

At KPMG, we believe digital transformation demands more than digital expertise – it’s about making the whole business more agile so it can experiment, learn, change and move forward.


Insights from KPMG

Customer service as a competitive advantage

The customer experience is about to become the new battleground.

Real solutions for real-time payment systems

KPMG is working alongside the world’s largest banks, financial institutions, and payment service providers, helping to develop payment strategies for the future.

Blockchain accelerates insurance transformation

The customer experience is about to become the new battleground.

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