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We have a rich understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities facing your industry in the digital era. When digital transformation strategies are informed by a deep understanding of industry dynamics, results soon follow.

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See KPMG's view on how digital transformation applies to today's companies.

Digital transformation insights

Consumer and retail

Innovation and customer focus through a digital lens will create winning strategies in consumer and retail.


Put the customer at the core

The availability of information has empowered consumers like never before. But it has also created advantages for consumer and retail organizations that understand how to harness it to create customer centric enterprises.

Retail relevance

Consumers don’t buy products. They buy experiences. Which are you selling?



Digital transformation comes down to focus

You’ll know how to digitally transform when you understand where you most want to deliver against your brand promise.




The opportunity

The ability to take consumer data and transfer it into real customer insights is the path to growth for consumer and retail companies. It enables them to understand consumer behavior at a deeper level than ever before, leading to new opportunities to create differentiated products and experiences that promote brand and product loyalty.

What it takes

It’s not just about acquiring data. The key is having the right organizational model to properly execute, and paying attention to more than frontline interactions. It’s about knocking down functional silos and building a “connected enterprise,” with a whole new set of capabilities all focused on delivering an outstanding customer experience across digital and physical worlds.

Digital transformation offers the opportunity to link customer service to profitability, manage costs by capitalizing on spending trends, and streamline supply chain and back-office processes.

KPMG understands that creating higher-performing organizations and delivering true transformational change must be founded on continuous innovation and relentless customer focus with a digital vision to win in the marketplace.


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Receive future insights on topics related to digital transformation, or request to be contacted by a KPMG professional.

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