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We have a rich understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities facing your industry in the digital era. When digital transformation strategies are informed by a deep understanding of industry dynamics, results soon follow.

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See KPMG's view on how digital transformation applies to today's companies.

Digital transformation insights

We see the bigger business picture, beyond technology.
Digital is not a thing. It’s the world we live in today. And it’s redefining what it takes to compete and survive in business. Facing such tremendous change and uncertainty, how do you evolve your business to seize new opportunities?


Propelling businesses to thrive in a digital world

We make digital deliver.

We guide companies through all stages of digital transformation, backed by a business-first mindset designed to drive you toward your most important goals. Evolve your business through our approach:

  • Industry knowledge and know-how
  • Proven transformation services and methodologies
  • Connecting the enterprise puts the customer first 
    To wow customers in the digital age, you need a customer-first outlook in all aspects of your business. We help businesses reframe organizational models to reduce functional silos and connect the front, middle and back office so they can meet customer expectations in a way that still delivers business value. 



Helping industries capitalize on digital opportunities 

Digital transformation is never one-size-fits-all. With strong sector knowledge and experience, we understand the industry-specific impact of digital disruption on your business—and how to benefit from it.

Explore our capabilities: How can we help you master digital disruption?

Our deep business and technological experience mean we’re uniquely positioned to help you take advantage of digital innovations—and drive value from your investment. Explore our leading capabilities and offerings in digital transformation.

How do we unlock human imagination with intelligent automation?

State of intelligent automation

Easing the pressure points: The state of intelligent automation


Intelligent automation

Intelligent automation is helping companies reimage the way they do business and interact with customers. These advances reveal new paths for doing business, drive down costs, redefine workforces, and free resources to encourage exponential innovation. Our intelligent automation services and team of professionals help companies digitally transform to achieve success in the cognitive era.

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KPMG and Google

Customers demand consistent, omnichannel services. High customer expectations for quality, value, and service are now the norm.

How do we turn our data into insights?


Artificial intelligence

One of the most visible applications of AI are “conversational agents”— chatbots and intelligent assistants that interact with people via voice or text channels, on devices such as smartphones, automotive infotainment consoles, and smart speakers.

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Scale Now

A user guide to transformation intelligent automation


Data and analytics

The “always on” nature of the digital world leads to an abundance of data that organizations can use to make better, faster decisions. KPMG’s analytics solutions help businesses on their digital transformation journey, giving organizations the tools and confidence to act on valuable data insights.


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Guardians of trust

Do you trust your data? Learn how to develop trusted analytics in the digital age.

How do we leverage cyber security to drive innovation?


Cyber security

Securing data is key to the success of digital transformation initiatives. But focusing on protection alone is missing the bigger picture. We help organizations realize the full value of going digital by helping to manage data availability, access, confidentiality and security at all stages of the transformation program.


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Protecting the fleet … and the car business

Are you ready to manage a cyber attack on a connected vehicle fleet, potentially impacting millions of cars both in on the road?

How do we extract profit from changes to our business?


Value chain management

How do you extract maximum value from operating model changes brought about by digital transformation? We help companies understand and balance the impacts of intertwined challenges tied up in going digital—including changing customer behavior, technological disruption, and evolving regulatory and tax policies—to ultimately help improve profitability and cash flow.


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Finding value in a disruptive environment

Learn how to respond to disruptors in a fully integrated manner to enhance your end-to-end value chain.

How do we reshape the workforce for a digital world?


People solutions

The future of business is decidedly human. We help companies use technology as a complement to the human workforce, not a threat. We help create agile work environments that foster new skill sets, pave new career paths, develop new processes, imagine new possibilities, and adapt to change—in the way only humans can do.


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The future of work

Learn how to evolve your talent strategy to compete in the 21st century.

How can blockchain help solve some of your most critical business challenges?



From eliminating inefficiency in supply chains to reducing fraud, blockchain has the potential to solve some of the most pressing challenges businesses face today. Our dedicated specialists around the world are helping clients shift from talking about the promise of blockchain to understanding the premise and achieving successful implementations. 


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Blockchain and the supply chain

Learn how KPMG used blockchain to track, trace and verify prescription drugs as they move through the supply chain.

How do we deliver on our customer’s expectations?


Connected enterprise 

Customers are more demanding and decisive than ever. To compete successfully, you must transform your business into an organization that truly knows the customer and delivers individualized solutions that wow. We can help you develop new frameworks to understand the value you create for customers—and the value that different types of customers create for you. 


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Competing for growth

Explore the eight capabilities you need to create a customer-centric, connected and competitive enterprise.


Today in digital transformation


Digital transformation insights from KPMG

Get KPMG insights on driving transformation to help create sources of value, operate with more agility and precision, enhance customer centricity, and empower your workforce.

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Four steps to digital transformation

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