KPMG Intelligent Forecasting

Applying advanced analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to power decision making and improve profitability.

Sanjay Sehgal

Sanjay Sehgal

Head of Markets, Advisory, KPMG US

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Brett Benner

Brett Benner

Partner, Finance Transformation, KPMG US

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Peter Irwin

Peter Irwin

Managing Director, Data & Analytics, Digital Lighthouse, KPMG US

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Unlock faster, more accurate planning capabilities

With KPMG Intelligent Forecasting, business leaders are creating a planning process that works for them—all based on predictive modeling and advanced analytics. This value-added data and insight provides visibility into what exactly drives the business. It allows you to:
We utilize AI technologies in the KPMG Ignite platform to help make your forecast intelligent and actionable.

Gain insights to drive better decisions

Watch how KPMG designed an intelligent forecasting engine using artificial intelligence and machine learning to help a global manufacturing company harness their data, uncover new markets and threats, and gain a sizeable advantage.

How does Intelligent Forecasting work?

By reinventing the planning process with advanced analytics and AI, KPMG Intelligent Forecasting features a customizable approach for each company, which is based on a core set of foundational components.


Advanced predictive techniques

Various types of time series and machine learning techniques are rapidly tested to help predict specific business unit(s) and P&L line(s) in scope.

Better data and signals

Incorporate better external data and signals from KPMG Signals Repository along with internal financial or operational drivers to add context and predictive power. 

Forecast customization 

Create specific forecast by P&L line item, time interval, geographic region, product line, brand, customer, or channel.

Continuous learning and evolution 

Incorporate structured feedback loops which enhance prediction accuracy over time.

Why KPMG Intelligent Forecasting?

No off-the shelf software provides true intelligent forecasting. It is the combination of our people, our technology, and our methodology that helps our clients realize value-driven insights and make better decisions for their organizations:

Data that delivers

Our suite of proprietary technology enablers (e.g. KPMG Signals Repository), supported by leading data scientists, help our clients develop the right custom solution for their needs.

Performance focused

Our tested implementation approach (KPMG Powered Enterprise) allows our clients to see real answers to real business challenges.

The KPMG difference

The expertise and experience of our Finance and Industry professionals bring deep client experience and unparalleled depth.


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Create leading solutions for clients in a platform-diverse environment. Be a part of an agile, innovative, and fast-paced global consulting firm.

Create leading solutions for clients in a platform-diverse environment. Be a part of an agile, innovative, and fast-paced global consulting firm.