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"How may A.I. assist you?"

Conversational AI agents can boost employee performance, productivity and outcomes

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Guardians of trust

In a digital world, can you trust the data?

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Trusted analytics series

Make more confident business decisions with the help of our thought leadership.

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Traci Gusher-Thomas

Traci Gusher-Thomas

Principal, Data & Analytics and AI, KPMG (US)

+1 267-256-1617
Brad Fisher

Brad Fisher

Partner, Data & Analytics Lead, KPMG (US)

+1 212-909-5498

Artificial Intelligence: A Matter of Trust

We sit down at New York’s Bryant Park Grill to discuss how the combination of humans and machines will lead to improved accuracy, relevancy and trust.

KPMG named a Leader of The Forrester Wave™: Insights Service Providers, Q1 2017

According to Forrester Research, “KPMG has cracked the code for balancing business and technology expertise.”


KPMG Ignite: accelerating strategies for Intelligent Automation and growth

Together with our clients, we leverage AI across the full spectrum of the value chain, creating solutions that are transforming business and operating models. Spanning industries, functions, service offerings and geographies, AI is part of our DNA.

AI-enabled compliance assessment required to secure sale

Deployed an artificial intelligence automation framework for large financial services organization to tackle compliance reviews, analyze sensitive content and metadata, scan and ingest document contents in order to get ready for sale.

Advanced analytics and anomalous event monitoring

Developed data quality monitoring tool for Global online payment processing company  to detect anomalies in key business metrics.  Solution leveraged time-series modeling, machine learning, and deep learning to identify patterns of each individual data feed and forecast the expected daily behavior.

Designing virtual assistants for customer service channels

Created a bespoke voice and text-driven virtual assistant platform for large retail bank enabling seamless customer service across digital and live channels. Platform provided capabilities that exceeded industry expectations and scaled across multiple use cases.


AI Solution Showcase

Call Center Analytics Engine

Convert customer calls to unstructured text, then utilize natural language processing techniques to extract key elements. Combine extracted text with call metrics and apply machine learning to identify key topics, gauge customer sentiment, and predict future trends.

AI Anomalous Event Prediction Tool

The use of artificial intelligence techniques to develop a model for predicting future events. If events fall outside of the prediction confidence interval, alert monitoring individuals through notifications. Trends in anomalous events are visualized in a suite of dashboards.

Document Compliance Assessment Engine

Artificial intelligence can be used to analyze a corpus of documentation - contracts securities or leasing and investment agreements - to extract needed elements and/or determine compliance.


Business implication of AI

AI-enabled solutions are designed to handle big data and evolving problems.

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Where do I begin?

"Be a disruptor, rather than disrupted"

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Key lessons learned

Don't underestimate the power of good data.

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Realizing the Promise of Artificial Intelligence

Remarkable new developments—from self- driving cars to virtual dialog agents that anticipate what we want to eat, watch or buy—have convinced most business leaders that artificial intelligence is a transformational advancement they need to embrace if they don’t want their companies left behind.

They’re right, of course. While disruption has always been with us, AI is accelerating the “constructive destruction” process and blindsiding businesses with competition from all quarters.

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