Artificial Intelligence

Enabling transformation. Reimagining work.

Artificial Intelligence in the enterprise

AI will pervade every aspect of the enterprise in the 21st century.

We believe that organizations must rise to this challenge or be disadvantaged relative to traditional and non-traditional competitors. AI, Automation, and Analytics are central to the success of the enterprise and will pervade critical business areas, including data, business processes, the workforce, and risk and reputation.

The vision for AI should be guided by innovative thinking – with the long-term objective of enhanced, or new, business strategies and models.

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Critical business areas for transformation



1. Data expertise

  • Identify and maintain high quality data sources, both internally and externally
  • Ensure appropriate access to data sources
  • Enforce enterprise security standards, controlling access to data, including encryption, monitoring, back-up and recovery.
  • Centralize data management processes



2. AI technology

  • Establish a consistent set of AI, Automation and D&A tools  
  • Design hardware infrastructure, whether on premises or cloud-based
  • Support the ingestion and analysis of Big Data
  • Intentionally build scalability of computing resources into the design to enable flexibility



3. Business process

  • Leverage AI, automation and D&A to improve productivity and build a competitive value chain  
  • Automate decisions that include recurring processes 
  • View analytics as a critical input in making operational decisions
  • Go beyond reactive reporting towards accurate forecasting and insights 



4. Workforce

  • Ensure the right capabilities to implement the technology, leverage data, and change business processes
  • Implement transformed organization model through a strategic change management plan
  • Define standardized performance metrics
  • Consider implications of job changes on workforce 



5. Risk & reputation

  • Involve all stakeholders in prioritization and scoping
  • Ensure comprehensive evaluation and compliance with regulations
  • Consider the impact of scope on external reputation and perception
  • Embed cyber compliance and safeguards

Introducing KPMG Ignite, our internal platform to deliver AI services

Organizations have a massive amount of untapped unstructured and structured data, and KPMG Ignite, our artificial intelligence platform, provides the engine our deep AI resources use to accelerate transformation by capitalizing on data insights. With KPMG Ignite we acquire and integrate the right ingredients to create customized AI solutions for your business needs. 


Ignite platform

Our platform integrates cutting-edge open source tools, KPMG-developed IP, frameworks, patterns, and leading technologies supported by our alliance partnerships. The platform enables KPMG resources to accelerate development of solutions and “time to market.”

Foundational capabilities

ingestion & OCR



Natural Language

Data components


Unstructured and
semi-structured data



Technology partners

Access to latest technologies and services allow us to solve our clients' business issues, quickly.







Deployment options 

There are several deployment options available, in order to cater to a client’s specific need, scope, size and business challenge. Services delivered leveraging KPMG Ignite include:

  • One-time service/analysis 
  • Custom solutions
  • Analytics as a service
  • Complete custom AI-Platform design and implementation. 

KPMG helps business leaders solve complex business issues in a modernized, digital world with Data & Analytics.  


KPMG Ignite solutions 

Our solutions can be customized to handle different requirements around input, analysis and results to ensure the solutions meet the needs of the business. 

Drive growth, manage risk and optimize cost with these example solutions:

  • Cognitive contract management—procurement, legal and finance
  • Intelligent forecasting—finance, supply chain/demand planning
  • LIBOR analytics—banking 
  • Qualified financial contract (QFC) analytic — financial services 
  • Cognitive vouching—Internal audit, audit, compliance
  • Cognitive transfer pricing—tax, finance

Scale now

An inspirational look at how and why organizations need to think bigger and bolder and scale their AI efforts NOW. This video asks the same questions that we ask our most innovative and forward-thinking clients - Are you thinking BOLDLY enough? BROADLY enough? Are you a disruptor? Or are you the disrupted? Should you be a fast follower? Or should you SCALE NOW? The time is now to turn it up a notch and move beyond the pilot stage to full-scale AI production.

Humans: Be free


A provocative look at how Artificial intelligence (AI), data and analytics (D&A), and intelligent automation (IA) are shaping the future of business and society as a whole. People and tech are rapidly converging to creatively solve problems, uncover the next big idea, and influence the future of life as we know it.

This is the future


See how humans and machines complement one another by leveraging Automation, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence across various sectors. At KPMG, we believe that implementing just one of these major emerging technologies isn’t enough to lead, let alone keep up.