Customer service transformation


Empowered and enlightened by digital, today’s consumers have heightened expectations of choice, personalization, flexibility, speed and transparency.

In the race to meet their needs, many businesses are struggling to compete on customer experience without raising operating costs to an unmanageable level and cutting into shareholder value.

KPMG can assist you in planning, designing and executing a cost-effective customer service strategy while simultaneously increasing revenue through improved customer loyalty and advocacy. Using our functional and technical knowledge, we can help you:

  • improve the structure and performance of customer care operations
  • balance the cost of service with the value of customer relationships
  • integrate data and analytics into transformative strategies
  • deliver optimized, personalized and seamless experiences across digital channels
  • and identify high opportunity customer segments.

Our people

Julio J. Hernandez

Julio J. Hernandez

Global and U.S. Customer Advisory Lead, KPMG US