Marketing transformation & technology
Marketing transformation & technology

Marketing transformation and technology

Marketing efforts must drive visitors down the conversion funnel while scaling performance and content management.

Marketing departments face constant pressure to develop data-backed, customer-centric strategies that generate a return on investment. Marketing leaders must determine how to allocate their brand spend most effectively, optimize their customer experience despite competing priorities, create meaningful interactions, drive visitors down the conversion funnel, and scale their marketing efforts.

KPMG can help you operationalize customer centricity in your marketing functions by capitalizing on key market trends, harnessing innovative marketing tools and strategies, optimizing marketing processes, and achieving excellence in marketing execution. Some potential benefits of taking a customer-centric approach to marketing include:

  • improved customer life cycle management that drives loyalty and increases wallet share
  • increased revenue from expanding the reach of marketing to new channels and underserved customer segments
  • enhanced clarity of brand promise
  • seamless cross-channel content and conversation strategies
  • higher customer intimacy, satisfaction, and advocacy
  • predictable return on marketing investments
  • optimized expense to revenue ratio for sales and marketing.

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