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Move customers with new perspectives

Today’s customers are better informed and more demanding than ever before.

How can your business engage customers and achieve profitable growth in the age of market uncertainty and digital disruption? To succeed in today’s market, businesses must reimagine the products, services, and experiences they provide to consumers and migrate to truly customer-centric business processes enabled by digital transformation.

KPMG Customer Advisory can help you transform the way your front office engages customers. Combining business experience with functional acumen, we provide you with deep financial analysis, robust customer insight, market intelligence, and strategic business direction to help you generate ROI from your investments in customer-centricity.


 The role of the front office is constantly evolving and it is necessary to adopt new strategies to tackle today’s challenges head-on:

Maximize and accelerate the impact of front-office investments

Create a unified customer experience across the entire customer journey

Leverage data and insights to meet customer and business needs


Our perspective

We bring focused solutions that draw on the full breadth of our team’s experiences to help our clients move their customers with new perspectives.

KPMG focuses on 3 key capabilities to help you successfully manage supply chains through uncertainty:
Visibility, Analytics and Planning


See it

Gain visibility across the end-to-end supply chain to foresee potential problems and maximize opportunity.

KPMG helps you: 

  • Work collaboratively so you can see what customers, suppliers and logistics partners see
  • Use data (external signals and internal data sources), AI/ML, accelerators, methodologies, frameworks, and advanced modelling to make better, more informed decisions


Analyze it 

Employ data strategically to predict the impact of every scenario. Gain a 360-degree view into profitability. Identify gaps and route causes for delays and potential solutions.

KPMG helps you:

  • Build the model answer with our technology-agnostic analytics platform
  • Collate data—raw, structured, unstructured—and share robust insights and recommendations
  • Use advanced modeling and analytics to unlock hidden opportunities beyond human analysis
  • Explore scenarios to help mitigate risk


Plan it

Gain integrated planning capabilities to drive collaboration between demand, supply and production. Ensure alignment across the extended supply chain. Improve cross-functional collaboration and optimize capacity, logistics and network planning.

KPMG helps you:

  • Employ winning strategies and strong governance frameworks
  • Implement a short, mid-term and long-term roadmap
  • Explore short-term, accurate demand, supply and production scenarios
  • Develop mid- and long-term, proven S&OP/E and IBP capabilities
  • Implement operating models and technologies for demand-driven, insight-led supply chains 

Our approach 

We embolden front-office teams with the perspective they need to achieve consistent business growth. 


Our strategic alliances

KPMG Customer Advisory strategic alliances are key to helping you achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. Our comprehensive solutions are driven by innovative technology from industry-leading companies like:

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Jason Galloway

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Scott Lieberman

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David Klimek

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