Supplier risk advisory

Restructuring of your supply chain can manage and mitigate risks

Restructuring of your supply chain can manage and mitigate risks.

Supply chains continue to experience significant challenges. The need to manage and mitigate risk is imperative. Our supply risk professionals assist businesses with restructuring operational and financial processes and implementing critical management tactics. We help by focusing our efforts on the factory floor and delivering real life, practical manufacturing and financial solutions. We identify and work to mitigate manufacturing and financial risks that may threaten profitability and productivity. We do so by understanding what causes distress to our clients and providing on-site support to correct common pitfalls as they arise.

We partner with our clients to address the financial, operational and strategic issues associated with supply risk:


  • Financial assessment/ intervention
  • Assist in contingency plan development
  • Scenario/ Sensitivity analysis (risk and cost)
  • Negotiation support (supplier, lender, other customers, pricing request, accommodations)


  • Manufacturing assessment/intervention/ restructuring
  • Immediate support at supplier facility Plant Floor
  • Improvement (capacity, lean, problem-solving)
  • Footprint expansion/closure/consolidation/relocation


  • Proactive supply chain management/ monitoring
  • Supplier rehabilitation
  • Bankruptcy & Transaction navigation/discussion/ strategy
  • Strategic advisory (commodity studies, transaction support, sourcing, competitive positioning)


When experience involves assuring risks are addressed and resolved, KPMG leads in providing customer-based supplier risk solutions within the manufacturing sector through our breadth of plant floor experience and depth of manufacturing knowledge. Our team consists of manufacturing and financial professionals who have deep experience in manufacturing, finance, and operations.

Our manufacturing professionals include former COOs, VP of Operations and Plant Managers, and our financial professionals include former CEOs, CFOs, and VPs of Finance as well as experienced Strategy Directors. 

At KPMG, we promptly take action to make a direct impact on profitability through our hands on resources designed to reduce cost and risk and to quickly resolve issues through the implementation of proven risk mitigation techniques.

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