Performance improvement

Providing solutions that achieve operational improvements and measurable results

In dynamic manufacturing environments, performance improvement capabilities are a necessity, now more than ever. Companies need to proactively invest in resources to identify and manage costs, capacity and quality.

KPMG’s Performance Improvement professionals work with management to identify opportunities to improve daily operations that impact the bottom line and focus on delivering solutions that achieve sustained operational improvements and measurable results.

We utilize deep industry and manufacturing expertise to address both the financial and operational factors affecting performance and implement initiatives to drive improvement with our clients, including but not limited to:

  • Manufacturing efficiency
  • Plant consolidation & integration
  • Operational planning & synergy execution
  • Strategic pricing support
  • Balanced scorecard implementation
  • Manufacturing strategy development


KPMG leads by linking operational findings with financial performance and strategic positioning. Our performance improvement team delivers a hands-on experience from manufacturing specialists to operations executives, providing our clients a single source that delivers financial, operational, and strategic solutions.

We work with you to lower product costs, improve profit and ROI, and reduce asset utilization all while helping you improve your quality and delivery.

Our team can provide clients with the necessary means to deliver a faster market response, mitigate risk, and maximize revenue that will allow them to operate with better efficiency and performance. With this improvement in performance, our clients can realize synergies to achieve real-time results.


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