Operational and financial restructuring

Profit and loss savings through to the bottom line

No matter how healthy your company, your stakeholders expect you will seek every opportunity to improve your bottom line.

From capacity to cash flow, KPMG’s industry experienced professionals help companies achieve lasting strategic, operational and financial change for the benefit of all stakeholders. Our clients include large global entities and mid-market organizations that rely on KPMG to help solve complex challenges or implement improvements. We offer a broad range of services, from performance management to enhance your position, to restructuring services designed to help stressed or underperforming businesses.

What we do:

  • Deliver possible improvements through line management, without disrupting the business
  • Analyze underlying cost drivers
  • Generate ideas across a business
  • Share a methodology for validation, approval, and delivery of implementation strategies
  • Advise leaders of healthy companies and companies under pressure on how to improve financial performance and unlock value.
  • Enhance efficiency, minimize business disruptions, and improve the financial and operational health of distressed supply chains.

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