Justice and security advisory services

Our mission is your mission: To enhance the safety of people, places, property and information.

It may be no surprise that your organization operating in the law enforcement, criminal justice, and critical infrastructure security domains is facing significant challenges as a result of:

  • Funding and resource constraints;
  • Increased political/public expectation and accountability; changes in security standards and mandates;
  • Increasing cost and frequency of litigation;
  • Inertia in workforce culture change efforts;
  • Aging technology and infrastructure;
  • Rising cyber and third-party threats;
  • High leadership turnover.

In this challenging environment, there are many fronts to tackle. How do you make the most of existing resources, more effectively mitigate risk and harm, foster customer and community confidence, and demonstrate balanced performance and results?

That’s where KPMG can help. Our U.S. Justice & Security advisory professionals share your mission to deliver safety and security to your customers and constituents—and create thriving public and commercial spaces where we can all live, work, play, and be successful.

Our broad range of services and capabilities can help you develop and implement leading strategies to become a more customer-focuseddata-driven, and proactive organization.

An arsenal of capabilities

We bring flexible capabilities in multi-disciplinary skill areas to help your organization address multi-faceted challenges in a strategic and forward-thinking manner. We can help you:

  • Increase resource capacity through demand prioritization, resource management, and streamlined processes;
  • Mitigate threats, vulnerabilities, risks and harm by leveraging data, intelligence, and analytics more effectively;
  • Build confidence and cooperation by jointly defining priorities with customers and enhancing customer satisfaction;
  • Improve performance and results by better measuring and balancing performance across the dimensions of cost, quality, productivity, outcomes, and customer.

Our capabilities span the following integrated operational dimensions:

  • Strategy—Long-range strategic planning, collaborative priority setting, multi-agency problem-solving
  • Customer—Voice-of-customer surveys, customer interaction models, customer interaction and experience training and support
  • Resilience—Threat / vulnerability assessment, business case planning and analysis, implementation support
  • Resources—Strategic analysis of resource capacity, dynamic resource management approaches, dynamic tasking and coordination capabilities
  • Process—Diagnosis of operational issues, process and operations analysis, benefits realizations and sustainment
  • Organization—Organizational scope and structure, workload and staffing analysis, qualitative and quantitative performance management