IPO readiness

From evaluation, to offering, to post-IPO operations, KPMG can help you develop a seamless strategy for going public.

An IPO can boost a company’s financial strength, provide capital to finance growth, attract and retain talent through equity participation, and enhance the company’s profile. However, going public isn’t the right strategy for everyone. And even when it is, an IPO brings a new set of challenges, including new requirements for financial reporting, accounting, internal controls, governance and processes. 

At KPMG, we can help you determine whether an IPO is the right option for you. We perform a thorough IPO readiness assessment, getting to know your business by identifying your needs and gaps. We assist you in developing your “equity story” by ensuring that your financial statements meet regulatory requirements, advising you on your tax structure, and developing an infrastructure with robust and resilient internal controls. We prepare you for the offering and, following the IPO, we stay with you to ensure you have the right infrastructure in place to operate effectively as a public company.