KPMG Horizon pricing suite

KPMG Horizon Pricing Suite supports clients along their pricing journey.

Sudipto Banerjee

Sudipto Banerjee

Principal, Pricing & Commercial Excellence Leader, KPMG US


The KPMG Horizon Pricing Suite is a robust arsenal of advanced analytics tools that helps you find hidden insights, identify improvement opportunities, and optimize your pricing strategy. Powered by the KPMG Intelligence Platform, Horizon combines market-leading data analytics software, custom analysis modules, and a wide set of data sources to deliver in-depth, granular outputs – guiding our clients toward pricing success.

Watch the videos below to learn about Horizon’s individual tools, and how they can support you.

Pricing diagnostic tool

The pricing diagnostic tool is able to quickly ingest, sort, analyze, and visualize transaction level data to reveal opportunities in your pricing strategy.

Pricing maturity evolution tool

The pricing maturity evolution tool provides a wide-ranging, sector-specific benchmarking assessment of your organization’s pricing maturity, and identifies opportunities for improvement.

Attribute pricing tool

The attribute pricing tool uses advanced data analytics to improve performance in the price setting process – driving better consistency, streamlined approvals and escalations, and shorter time to quote.