The future of outsourcing will connect the enterprise, drive digital transformation, deliver value and achieve expected outcomes

Outsourcing done well delivers results, improves service experiences and meets business expectations. It can help your business succeed in an increasingly complex and changing world. The journey begins with a vision that’s closely linked with your company’s core mission and strategy.

It continues with a carefully constructed transformation strategy that considers these design principles:

  • One size doesn’t fit all: A single outsourcing or offshoring solution likely won't address your diverse needs. Different providers and solutions may be required to support different parts of your business.
  • Deliver on expectations: Ensure that the expectations of the sourcing model you select deliver with the operational characteristics of the delivery teams and the objectives of each party.
  • Redesign your processes: Realign your retained organization’s processes to operate efficiently and effectively while orechestrating with service providers. Redesign the touch points and automation between the service provider, the functional area, and the functional users.
  • Use flexible agreements: Technology and business needs can evolve quickly. Your outsourcing contracts should be flexible enough to adjust quickly to new capabilities so you can benefit from long-term value and maintain service delivery continuity.
  • Incorporating benefits from disruptive technologies and solutions: Outsourcing increases the speed to value by integrating disruptive technologies and service provider solutions during transition.

KPMG's experienced, trusted advisors can help you validate outsourcing strategies, understand costs, establish pricing strategies, build the business case, align stakeholders, evaluate options, improve current state, guide you through vendor selection and negotiation and lead you through the transition and transformation process. We also have services and tools to help companies establish 1st generation outsourcing and assist 2nd, 3rd or 4th generation outsourcing contracts manage that work more effectively and adjust to multi-provider delivery.

Get started now. Let us show you how outsourcing can improve service delivery, quality, and costs.

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