Shared services

Does your current services delivery model offer agility and competitive advantage in addition to cost savings?

Let’s face it. Services that support the enterprise such as finance, HR, IT, facilities, and purchasing, have never been the most glamorous parts of the business, but they are among the most critical components of success. Increasingly firms are evaluating functions such as marketing and sales to determine how a shared services model can help advance and grow the business.

While cost remains a key consideration, service quality and governance, process improvement, and increased integration are also top-of-mind factors in designing a service delivery framework that lets organizations leverage the most appropriate internal, external, or blended capabilities.

KPMG can help

Our team can help you realize significant productivity gains and cost savings across selling, general, and administrative (SG&A) functions by using the Enterprise Services Transformation framework to deploy resources that can be provisioned and released on demand to meet changing market conditions and business objectives.

Our collaborative approach helps organizations improve agility, build business value and reduce cost, and helps reduce redundancy and management effort. We do that through a standard approach to metrics, controls, risk management contracts, and pricing across functions, as well as on-demand access to services including software, infrastructure, and contractors.

We can help you build a shared services capability and manage your ongoing relationships at any point of your journey:

  • Strategy
  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Optimization
  • Governance
  • Managed Governance
KPMG shared services and outsourcing advisory
Learn how KPMG's advisors help clients improve service delivery models, reduce support costs, and drive specific business outcomes in order to achieve sustainable, continuous improvements and competitive advantage.

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