Intelligent automation in the finance function

Leverage intelligent automation to drive finance transformation and unlock value

Ron Walker

Ron Walker

Finance Transformation Service Network Lead, KPMG US

+1 858-750-7057

Todd Lohr

Todd Lohr

Principal, Digital Lighthouse Leader, KPMG US

+1 215-300-4600

Regardless of where you stand currently with respect to your outsourcing and service delivery models, intelligent automation may soon be affecting your finance organization.

KPMG’s holistic approach—from strategy through execution—can assist you on each step of your finance automation journey by:

  • identifying and prioritizing finance areas for automation
  • developing a multifaceted strategy and road map for implementation
  • selecting the right providers and partners
  • creating a detailed solution architecture and user experience
  • building, testing, and deploying automation solutions that integrate with other enterprise systems
  • establishing a governance strategy and program
  • implementing the preferred automation solution.


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