Contract Performance Management

Reduce value leakage from your outsourcing contracts.


Why do outsourcing initiatives fail to live up to expectations?

Get more value from your outsourcing relationships with KPMG Contract Performance Management.

Are you getting full value from your contracts?

Your contract and procurement teams work hard to negotiate favorable terms for your business. But if those terms are not being monitored and tracked—on an ongoing basis—there’s a good chance you’re getting less than full value from your partners.

Organizations dealing with multiple suppliers, and the resulting mountains of complex contracts to manage, are facing a growing challenge. Lacking governance and leading-practice knowledge, while struggling with the double threat of limited resources and insufficient technology, it is becoming increasingly difficult to monitor supplier performance.

KPMG Contract Performance Management (CPM) can help you optimize the output and accountability of your third-party network. Leveraging our purpose-built CPM engine combined with hands-on experience, we track the performance of your partners against the specific terms and line items in their contract—helping ensure your business relationships are creating—rather than leaking—value.

Drawing on our wealth of experience advising organizations just like yours, KPMG provides the relevant knowledge and direction you need to optimize the output and accountability of your supplier relationships.

The benefits are easy to see:

Increased visibility

Greater oversight across your multiple contracts identifies inconsistencies, enables increased standardization of terms, and optimizes the partner engagement process.


Deeper insight

Contract analyses and business insights enable quicker, more informed decisions, improving performance for both you and your suppliers.


Continuous monitoring and reporting

Acting as an extension of your team, KPMG CPM professionals gather and analyze partner performance data against agreed contract terms. We undertake comparisons against negotiated SLAs, track non-compliance, and identify corresponding credits.


Stronger relationships

Accessed via our secure, shared, user-friendly portal, improved visibility into the broad aspects of the contractual relationship, for both you and your suppliers, delivers transparency, accountability, and leads to a stronger long-term relationship.


Improved governance

Stakeholder collaboration, actionable workflow management, effective oversight, and administration of contract compliance can help improve the contract revision process.


Are you getting what you expect from your supplier contracts?
With KPMG Contract Performance Management, you can help mitigate contract value leakage, take management action faster and realign outsourcing to business goals. Download our infographic to learn more.

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