Regulatory and compliance transformation

Building an innovative compliance risk management program for tomorrow requires an investment today


At KPMG, we help organizations enhance compliance, integration and automation for a stronger risk management approach.

In the future, compliance risk management will be more integrated and automated than ever before. Compliance technology solutions are already morphing, seemingly overnight, offering compliance leaders in business, risk and internal audit functions more and more options for automating processes and controls. Regulators around the globe drum the beat for greater integration and operationalization of compliance into business processes and controls, and linkage back to regulatory obligations, as well as more comprehensive metrics to support better compliance risk management. In addition, competition, market conditions and external stakeholders demand greater efficiencies in compliance.

Compliance innovation is now an imperative across all industries, and the time to embark on the journey is now.

A compliance risk management framework for success

KPMG recommends a holistic view of compliance, rooted in governance and culture, and harmonized through eight key program elements.

internal audit function

How KPMG can help

Through collaboration and coordination KPMG can help you realize a future compliance risk management approach that is right-sized for your business, operationally possible, agile, sustainable and effective.

Our professionals work with compliance, business, and operations stakeholders across the business, risk and internal audit functions to help firms build, design and implement enhancements to their compliance activities.

We specialize in helping our clients boost the value of their compliance through greater integration and automation, including through technology and digital labor, in order to position them for success today and into tomorrow.

Our service offerings include the following:

  • Regulatory change management
  • Compliance program recommendations and target operating models
  • Compliance integration
  • Compliance controls
  • Compliance automation (data and technology enablement)
  • Compliance risk culture

Move beyond compliance

To remain competitive, innovation in compliance is a necessity. Organizations must strategically invest in the integration and automation of their compliance risk management activities to promote greater agility, sustainability, resiliency, and effectiveness.


Design and implement:

  • Revised compliance policies, procedures, code of conduct, processes and controls
  • Regulatory change management mechanism to identify, track and respond to compliance obligations in order to link them to applicable internal policies, procedures, processes and controls
  • New risk assessment methodologies, standards and protocols
  • Updated compliance hotlines and reporting (root cause analysis, metrics, dashboards)
  • Data remediation to address strategic compliance needs for information


  • Design enterprise-wide compliance controls and processes to eliminate silos, coordinate compliance efforts enterprise-wide, recognize synergies and achieve greater consistency and agility
  • Integrate and centralize governance structures and processes


  • Implement technologies to support compliance efforts that align to the organization’s strategy and operations
  • Design new functionality in existing technology to automate metrics, manage regulatory changes, due diligence, dashboards, investigations and policy management and more

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Amy S. Matsuo

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