Business of IT

KPMG helps companies run IT as a business.


How do you manage the IT function in a world in which technology never stops changing?

How do you satisfy the constant demand for innovation while maintaining peak efficiency and productivity?

It starts with a guiding principle: IT strategy must be designed to advance the business strategy. This means IT strategic planning must be conducted in tandem with business planning, and there can be no daylight between the two.

It also means limited resources must be deployed strategically, using every tool and tactic available to IT leaders.

At KPMG, we help leaders run their IT organizations more effectively, with the most advanced approaches to IT development and delivery, including agile and DevOps, and leading practices in IT service management, asset management, portfolio management, and financial management.

We help companies evaluate software licenses and usage, redeploying resources where they are most needed. We also help you better manage the software lifecycle, utilizing business practices that link financial, contractual and inventory functions.

To thrive in a digital world, you need to manage IT effectively. We help you run IT like a business, ultimately helping you better serve your customers and deliver on your business objectives. 

Moving to containers?
Download PDF | Effectively manage the impact of IT modernization on software license costs and compliance risks.

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Marcus Murph

Marcus Murph

Principal, CIO Advisory, KPMG US