AppSec On Demand

Reliable and scalable application security services to equip your organization with the skills to manage your program.


The need for reliable and scalable Application Security, delivered when and how you need it

Most organizations realize the importance of application security (AppSec) these days. Many have invested tools and resources to manage and control the cyber risk of applications that have impacted the overall risk posture of an enterprise. However, many security teams in these organizations find themselves unable to keep up with the growing application portfolio using the tools and resources they have currently.

In fact, according to a recent study, insecurities in software and web applications are the top two attack vectors leveraged by attackers today. These attacks have caused a loss of $4 million on average per organization, in addition to brand and reputational harm from these attacks.1

The ability to scale to cover mission-critical and other applications has many organizations looking for a reliable and scalable application security managed service.

KPMG AppSec On Demand can help equip your organization with the skills to manage your program in a cost-effective way, with real-time dashboard-like access to help you visualize the key risks and give you the insight into your development and operation team remediation effort.

Static and dynamic code analyses

Available individually or by combining both analyses to reduce false positives

Frictionless integration with DevOps

Software composition analysis

Automated discovery of third party libraries usage

Continually flag new vulnerabilities in open source or third party libraries

Penetration testing

Test result is integrated with the other analyses, not a one-time exercise

Specialist review to produce actionable reports


Let our experienced analysts and tools do the work.

Our solution is powered by industry-leading tools and a team of analysts from around the world that your organization can leverage so you can feel confident in knowing that you are being assisted by a leading combination of tools and human experience.

We also offer a tiered approach to suit most scenarios, and a scalable service that will grow with your application portfolio. Whether you bring your own license (BYOL) or choose to use ours, you can benefit from our experience and in-depth, value-add analysis to take actionable steps to improve your AppSec program.

Bring your own license

In this model, clients use their existing licenses for scanning tools – there is no need to buy new ones. KPMG integrates with these tools and intake scans, analyze results, and track remediation. Most market-leading tools are accepted.

License inclusive

This model uses SAST, DSAT, and penetration testing (automated and manual) and makes it effortless for clients so they do not need to worry about acquiring or renewing licenses.

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Tarun Sondhi

Tarun Sondhi

Principal, Advisory, Managed Services , KPMG US