Risk Consulting

Helping transform risk and compliance efforts into competitive advantage by applying a risk lens to corporate strategy to improve risk intelligence and decision making, protect financial and reputational assets, and enhance business value.

Business Risks


Cyber-attacks and unauthorized data leakage are a threat to organizations globally. KPMG Cyber can assist organizations apply appropriate information security measures to help provide ongoing confidentiality, integrity, availability, and protection of their most sensitive data.  Learn more.

Compliance Transformation

We help organizations go beyond simply meeting the next requirement, and instead, fundamentally reassess and retool your compliance governance and culture, and your compliance business and risk operations.  Learn more.

Third-Party Risk

Providing a strategic approach to gathering information and assessing integrity and business risks associated with customers, suppliers, agents, and other counterparties worldwide to make better, more informed business decisions.  Learn more.  


Emerging Technology Risk

Organizations can achieve tangible benefits from emerging technologies such as connected and mobile devices, social media, robotic process automation, 3-D printing or cloud computing. However, they must recognize the risks that can accompany these disruptive technologies. We can help clients recognize and responsibly manage these risks.  Learn more.

Awards & Recognition

Awards & Recognition

KPMG's Risk Consulting Services awards demonstrate our commitments to providing top quality services.

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