KPMG Cyber

Cyber-attacks and unauthorized data leakage are a threat to organizations globally. KPMG Cyber can help organizations apply appropriate information security measures by providing ongoing confidentiality, integrity, availability, and protection of their most sensitive data assets.

Consumer Loss Barometer

Corporate executives and consumers provide a deeper understanding of how cybersecurity management – or mismanagement – can create or destroy value.

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Consumer Loss Barometer

Cyber Strategy & Governance

Balancing demands for high-level security protocols with the need for return-on-investment presents a conundrum for cybersecurity implementation. KPMG builds enterprise-wide security strategies that move cybersecurity from a crisis, reactive-oriented mindset to a proactive, value-added business solution.

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Security Transformation

Adoption of cloud technology, big-data analytics, mobile, and social bring cybersecurity risk. KPMG understands the inter-play between information security and the need for data accessibility. We help organizations design and implement new security processes, enabled by technology and align to business goals.

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Cyber Defense

Securing information while delivering uninterrupted access to prioritized data allows companies to thrive in their business environment. We develop customized strategies to identify critical issues and vulnerabilities that could lead to reputational harm or disrupt business processes.

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Digital Response Services

Organizations are recognizing and experiencing first-hand that cyber-attacks are no longer a matter of if, but when. We respond to cyber incidents quickly and conduct forensic analysis and detailed investigations balancing the critical need to respond while being respectful of continuing business operations.

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Data insecurity is a new business reality.

Few would question the importance of making sure data is secure. But having one-dimensional, technology-focused solutions to cyber threats—focused on protection alone—is missing the bigger picture and may put your organization at greater risk.

At KPMG we understand that cybersecurity is not just a technology problem- it is a holistic one:

  • Your people need ready access to critical data and they need it on their devices;
  • Your partners need real-time access to your system;
  • Your customers want to know their data is safe without sacrificing service quality; and
  • Your stakeholders require security assurance alongside outstanding operational performance.

To run your organization at peak performance, what level of risk are you are willing to accept?

Beyond digital walls: A strategic approach

Clearly, the realities of cybersecurity today are very different from those of the past. The near inevitability of an information-breach means organizations need to adjust to balance paradoxical demands for data protection and data accessibility for business growth. If success today is defined by an organization’s ability to absorb a cyber-attack and carry on with business-as-usual, you need a customized strategy that prioritizes business objectives while protecting critical information.
A holistic approach to cybersecurity is more effective and more realistic than simply building digital walls.

Beginning with the individual goals and operations of your enterprise, we build a customized cybersecurity strategy informed by the latest threat intelligence and leading practices that stays on top of key drivers impacting cyber:

  • External threats
  • Change in the way business is conducted
  • Rapid technology change
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Threat awareness

KPMG Cyber’s approach—Prevent, Improve, Detect, Respond—is designed to be simple and effective, and most importantly aligned with your business needs.

For more information, please contact the KPMG Cyber 24/7 Hotline at (855) 444-0087.


KPMG Cyber has an extensive professional network within KPMG member firms across the globe that can assist organizations in transforming their security, privacy, and continuity controls into business-enabling platforms. All while maintaining the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of critical business functions. The KPMG Cyber approach strategically aligns with our clients’ business priorities and compliance needs.

  • Our experienced IT security and forensic partners and professionals possess leading technical experience and are well regarded in their specialties.
  • We have extensive experience building, delivering and supporting cybersecurity programs to Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies across a multitude of industries.
  • We tap into the expansive services portfolio of KPMG’s global network to bring clients cross-functional knowledge and resources to support complete IT security transformations.