Is your business at risk?

Gauge your third-party risk with an integrity due diligence assessment.

Maribeth Timony

Maribeth Timony

Director, Solution Relations, KPMG US

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Unless your business has dedicated resources focused on third-party due diligence, your company could be missing risks that threaten your regulatory compliance, business continuity and brand reputation.

Is your business protected when you bring in new vendors, suppliers, distributors and contractors? For many organizations, allocating the resources, time, and effort for this critical task can be daunting. One decision can severely impact your business. Why risk it?

To see where your company stands and avenues for improvement, take this quick assessment. The results will help you gauge your organization’s current due diligence program and help you decipher the best place to focus your efforts.

The results are immediate. Upon completion, you will receive an email with insights based on your responses. 

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