Power up your procurement function

Next-gen processes and technology deliver sustainable growth to your mid-market business.


We’re all living in a digital world, and your procurement function can no longer hope to keep pace without embracing leading technologies and flexible processes. Cloud technologies provide the necessary insight, control and agility to procurement and helps you to meet your business’ and consumers’ evolving needs. When tailored toward your specific goals, KPMG’s Powered Procurement can quickly transform your business to realize rapid ROI and deliver sustainable value. 


Is KPMG Powered Procurement right for you?

If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, then KPMG Powered Procurement could be a good fit for your organization.

  • Has business growth left you with a mix of systems, processes, and operating models?
  • Have you experienced a procurement system upgrade or usage issues over the last 18 months? Is your current system so cumbersome that users prefer to find alternative buying mechanisms?
  • Are you struggling to provide the business with requested spend analytics regularly?
  • Do you create purchase orders after you receive invoices?
  • Do organizational stakeholders commit funds without authorization?
  • Do suppliers regularly call your AP department to inquire about invoice status?
  • Do you have the ambition to run an industry-leading procurement organization?


Harnessing the power of procurement

Our on-demand innovation targets concern areas for procurement professionals and with Copa’s leading cloud-based, spend management platform, provides an entire source-to-pay process, including contracts, inventory, sourcing and supplier management. 


By transforming your procurement function, your mid-market company can take advantage of digital opportunities and better align with the company’s strategic goals. 

KPMG Powered Procurement accelerates your speed to value with in-depth knowledge and leading practices that streamline design decisions and reduce time required for implementation. 

Traditional transformation process

Start-up —

Design —

Build —

Test —


KPMG Powered Enterprise cloud implementation

Vision —

Validate —

Construct —

Deploy —

— Time savings —


Getting ahead and staying ahead

Mid-market companies gain a competitive advantage with the following benefits available through our advanced procurement function: 

  • Access to the latest technology. Cloud-based Coupa updates automatically, so the newest features and latest technologies are at your fingertips.
  • Extended business insights. Our solutions extract data from your business and leverages sophisticated analytics to provide necessary answers to complicated questions. 
  • Predictive analytics. Understand and become proactive to cost and spending trends. 
  • Collaborative processes. Streamline leading processes to become a business partner to stakeholders and deliver higher levels of service. 
  • Improved supplier relationship. Easy-to-use platforms encourage stronger collaboration and innovation.
  • Broad scale adoption. Get everyone on board with a user-centric design and a library of training sources.  

With more than 50 Coupa deployments across all major geographies, more than 200 certified and experienced Coupa deployment resources worldwide, and implementation experience in more than 80 countries, KPMG knows how to get your cloud-based solutions off the ground. We’ll help your procurement team complete its digital transformation, so your mid-market company is ready for what’s next.