The future of finance for mid market companies

How leaders are responding to the transformation landscape

KPMG Mid-Market

KPMG Mid-Market

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Against a general background of “disruption as the new normal,” CFOs are aware their organizations need to change if Finance is to help the business successfully counter these conditions, survive and grow. In mid-market companies what’s noteworthy is “why” and “how.”

KPMG’s recent research indicates an emerging divide between a cluster of mid-market leaders, who see disruption as an opportunity to recast Finance as a growth and innovation enabler for the business, and the rest of the field, who view even radical retooling through the lens of traditional Finance mandates. During the next three to five years, we expect the divide to widen considerably, with both causes and effects clearly visible in a growing body of evidence.

The future of finance for mid-market companies explores that divide as it relates to key considerations, such as:

  • Technology investments and priorities
  • How data and analytics and intelligent automation can position finance staff to take on more value-added and strategic roles
  • The balance between supporting traditional value preservation mandates and imperatives for increased agility, innovative thinking, and strategic risk-taking
  • Alternative service delivery models and cloud technology implementation

Our working premise is that the impacts of these shared characteristics among mid-market leaders can be identified, measured and replicated, for middle-market Finance teams looking to join them.

The changing finance landscape
How mid-market leaders are navigating the transformation frontier