Defend or die

These cyber threats test mid-market companies to stay vigilant, mitigate risk and still provide a personalized customer experience.

Skill shortage

Mid-market companies lack the personnel who are adequately trained with appropriate skills for today’s digital environment, and without the necessary resources, vital data and sensitive information may be at risk. Coupled with tightened budgets, organizations look to automation for help keep their assets safe as well as boost their productivity. Tasking automation with the repetitive aspects of certain jobs allows mid-market companies to focus their essential personnel’s efforts and create new ways to secure their information.

“Most companies are looking to automation not to reduce headcount but to refocus people on the creative and clever versus the rote and repeatable.”
Gavin Mead, Principal, KPMG Cyber Security Services

Is AI on your side?

As cyber security evolves, so does malware. Cyber attackers are now using machine learning algorithms to attack more effectively, but artificial intelligence can work for mid-market companies, helping them to identify patterns or anomalies that may be malicious in origin. And as artificial intelligence (AI) is self-learning and continues to improve through simulations, it generates greater protection as it evolves.


Data privacy and protection

The times, they are changing. As new regulations, such as the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation and California Consumer Privacy Act, arrive, cyber security efforts need to be flexible to meet the new demands.

"Companies that can demonstrate a commitment to customer privacy and data protection have the opportunity to stand out among their peers. To stay ahead of the curve, plan and adopt a data protection strategy based on privacy principles that can be easily modified as new regulations go into effect.”
Orson Lucas, Managing Director, and Steven Stein, Principal, KPMG Cyber Security Services

A sustainable and effective data-protection approach infused with the core business strategy—both procedurally and culturally—reduces compliance costs and enhances consumer trust, giving a mid-market company a significant advantage over their competition.

Get personal with fraud and cyber risk

Targeting fraudulent activities and increasing customer satisfaction go hand-in-hand. Customers—especially millennials—want options and a personalized experience, and they will go elsewhere to find it. By collecting and leveraging customer data, mid-market companies can provide both a secure and personalized experience.


Implementing Identity and Access Management (IAM)

A complete digital security action plan—with perspectives on consumer, business, marketing, security and privacy—helps mid-market companies gear up for advanced authentication and identity proofing.

“Since businesses today use data to better understand their customers’ behavior, preferences, and buying habits in virtual settings, it’s critical they use that data to know who exactly they are dealing with at all times.”
Kyle Kappel, Principal, KPMG Cyber Security Services

Gone phishing

The weakest link in cyber security is generally the user sitting at the computer, but the right human factor strengthens the overall cyber security. After all, no single software package can defend against all cyber threats, including phishing. Mid-market cyber teams must engage advanced persistent threats year round with flexible, proactive strategies to defend the company and its digital assets.

KPMG is here to help you

As threats are relentless and persistent, your defense must be too, but mid-market companies struggle with legacy resources and insufficient personnel. Let KPMG help you create a cyber security strategy that goes beyond IT. We’ll provide guidance to help your company stack up against the competition and then excel past it with stellar compliance and customer experiences.