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Financial resilience in uncertain times

Most companies today are wondering if they’re going to keep pace in our current climate or fall behind.

And rightly so. Navigating the swift currents of today’s business landscape takes skill in the best of circumstances and the demands of COVID-19 have created a new set of challenges.

As we move toward recovery, finance teams play an important role in protecting the core business while simultaneously steering their organizations through unfamiliar waters.

We’ve created a process to transform the finance function of mid-size companies, providing a much-needed edge during a time of economic uncertainty.  


How to transform 

Tools and skills

Strengthen your finance function freeing you up to grow your business. 

Intelligent forecasting

Engage intelligent forecasting to power decision making and help improve your profitability


Use automation to free up your finance teams for strategic work

Better data

Harness finance data to give you actionable insights 

Big picture

Create an integrated view of the front, middle, and back offices though cloud-based enterprise performance management (EPM) 



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Looking forward

Disruption is an ever-present reality and an organization’s ability to weather a storm depends on a proactive finance team.

Taking action today to harness the benefits of automation and transform finance from a control function to a strategic partner helps ensure a thriving business that’s around when the sun comes out.


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What could automation do for your team?



78% of global finance and management executives believe automation will enable finance staff to take on more strategic, less transactional roles.2

Overwhelmed by labor requirements for accounting processes?



KPMG estimates that extreme automation will reduce labor requirements for core accounting processes by up to 70%.3


How high-performing organizations differentiate



More than half of high-performing organizations are overhauling their finance service delivery model.4


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1 Revenues of US$500 million – US$999 million
2,3,4 KPMG International, Future Ready Finance Survey, 2019


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