Mid-Market Solutions

Designed to help midsized companies navigate through business challenges.



No matter what you are facing, we will work with you to find the right solution for your business.

How can I take my business to the next level?

I want to understand what technology can help me to stack up against my competition. I need my business to become more agile, by overcoming resource constraints that limit my ability to grow. How can I innovate on a continuous basis and build the right business strategy?


How can I meet my customers' needs?

Keeping up in today's global marketplace is difficult without the right structure, technology, and people with the agility to shift with customer demands. My legacy technology buries valuable insights to help me remain competitive. A different operating model may help me make better decisions.


How do I improve my operation?

I need to be able to make better informed decisions to become more productive, grow faster, and become compliant with new regulations. Am I optimizing the risks my business takes? Are my vendors supporting or hindering these efforts?

How can I meet all my regulatory requirements?

We can barely keep up with day-to-day workflow, and now I also have to implement new requirements or lease accounting standards. What does this mean for my business?



How can I stay competitive?

My company is resource constrained and falling behind our competitors. Are there any new solutions and processes to implement to improve our productivity?

How can I help my business run better?

Help me elevate my business's financial performance by identifying opportunities to save costs and become more efficient so we can be focused on other key priorities.

On Demand Services

We deliver KPMG's On Demand Services with a three-step approach:


Outcome-Driven Design

KPMG’s On Demand Services take an outcome-driven approach. Instead of subscribing to a software package or a pre-defined set of managed services, you subscribe to achieving strategic objectives with the greatest combined speed, visibility, productivity and accessibility.

In addition to our decades of experience, we’ve invested heavily in our industry-leading centers of excellence designed to identify the most effective mix of business processes, technology and process innovations, and then tailor them for the mid-market. 



We deliver on our solutions to allow teams to leverage for continued performance improvements. This speed-to-value approach is designed with your size, and scale in mind, to the point and focused.  


KPMG’s On Demand Services are dynamic. They provide a continuous evolution to take advantage of intelligent automation and the underlying cloud solution we build our operating models on. You are no longer subjected to the “next consulting” assignment to improve your processes.


KPMG Mid-Market solutions

What can we do for you? As your business continues to evolve, we are here to work with you through your challenges.

Power up procurement

Enable greater visibility and productivity by reducing costs and improving process efficiencies through advanced sourcing capabilities and spend analysis data.

View of the new buildings in the square Gae Aulenti and Corso Como in Porta Nuova area.

Intelligent forecasting

With revenue recognition in effect for private companies, this accounting model combines the speed of automation with effective project management to deliver stellar business intelligence reporting.

Knock your SOX off

Optimize your SOX program to flag early identification of issues. Real-time program status and results help keep you current with PCAOB requirements to meet your external auditor’s expectations.

Conquer cyber

Conquer cyber

Improve business process workflow through efficiency. This operating model enhances onboarding, access certification, catalog management, and self-service build out and maintenance.

Free your financial function

Free your financial function

Performance On Demand for Finance is a ready-to-go solution designed for mid-size companies—enabling you to be truly connected with financial insights informing better decisions throughout every function. It includes the functional processes, technology platform and application support, all made available through a subscription-based service.

Third party's the charm

Third party's the charm

Make informed decisions in your third-party network with technology-driven insights. This multi-tiered approach assesses third-party risk, providing the visibility you need to act quickly.


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