Restarting America: Getting back to work safely

A risk-based approach and digital toolkit to get employees back to the workplace

KPMG has developed a risk-based and flexible framework supported by a technology accelerator that helps help our clients manage their unique location and workforce requirements today and tomorrow.

How do employers plan a safe return to work safely and efficiently? No checklist will eliminate the threat posed by COVID-19, but KPMG can help you mitigate risk with the depth and breadth of knowledge beyond what a single organization has on its own, combined with a technology solution to drive scale.


Tour the Stay Well app 

Meet Todd.

He is cautious about returning to the office and has opted to work from home. He uses the Stay Well app to get a better understanding and access wellness resources. 



The questionnaire


He has recent COVID test results and would like to see how they impact his personal risk assessment. He uploads and verifies his results in the app. 



The result


Armed with his new risk score, he decides he would like to travel for an upcoming client meeting. He switches his status and enters the travel information. 



The check-in


Although his personal assessment shows him he able to travel, Todd needs to check in how he is feeling that day to get approval. 



The follow-up


Based on symptoms, location and his role, Todd is given a pass to travel for the next day. He can use the app to monitor his client’s location for real-time changes. 

Use data to evaluate local risks 

KPMG technology solutions provide real-time data in readable and customizable dashboard formats, empowering you to make the decisions to keep your people safe.

Sample data for demonstrative purposes only


This site outlines inital considerations meriting futher consultation with Life Sciences organizations, Healthcare organizations, and Clinicians to explore feasibility and risks. 


Taking the next step

The decisions will involve emerging technology, access to data, live tools to analyze the information, and change management initiatives. These steps will be transformative and affect your entire organization. But they are a necessary part of the “new reality.”

Here you’ll find resources that can help your organization implement a safe and effective return-to-work program. 

Restarting America—Practical guide for employers (PDF)
An adaptable, risk-based approach to opening businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic