How do I compete as a private company?

The KPMG mid market offering is a suite of solutions designed specifically to meet the unique needs of rapidly growing mid market companies.

Our solutions enable midsized firms to lower costs and increase agility by re-imagining the way they manage many of their business processes, including HR, accounting, finance, risk, compliance, procurement, marketing and customer support, converting them from a costly drag on business into business accelerators.

The KPMG midmarket solutions are based on a cutting-edge business model called outcome-driven business process innovation (ODBPI), a powerful and flexible approach that enables midsized firms to compete on an even footing with their larger enterprise cousins by giving them access to the same expertise, economies of scale, and technology and process innovations that enterprises typically enjoy due to their size.

With this revolutionary new approach to business process outsourcing, you subscribe to a Target Operating Model instead of a software package.

This enables you to tap into KPMG’s broad expertise, deep experience and extensive relationships with leading software vendors and other technology providers to assemble the right combination of people, process and technology to realize your ideal operating model – and to keep you there.

The solution: KPMG Business Process Advantage (BPA)

KPMG Business Process Advantage (BPA) is designed to help you break through barriers that can limit your ability to compete or grow by eliminating resource constraints and giving you access to the latest technology and process innovations.

BPA can help you turn any business process – front, middle or back office – from a costly drag on business into a competitive advantage. It can help you increase your agility and resiliency, and compete on an even footing with larger enterprises on both cost and productivity by re-imagining the way you manage many of your business processes, including HR, accounting, finance, risk, compliance, procurement, marketing and customer support.

The challenge of midsized businesses

Without the scale of a large enterprise, midsized companies often struggle with a lack of access to human talent, technology or process innovations, and capital, which can impact their ability to compete or grow.

At the same time, they must contend with a constant stream of disruptive forces, from growing pains to competitive pressures, and dynamic regulatory environments to emerging technologies.

The BPA difference

BPA is designed to give you an edge over the competition – and to help you maintain that edge even as you grow, as your strategy evolves, as market conditions change, as competitive pressures increase, or as innovations emerge.

We deliver your Business Process Advantage (BPA) with a three-step approach:

1. Design

Unlike traditional Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), BPA is an outcome-driven approach. Instead of subscribing to a software package or a pre-defined set of managed services, you subscribe to a Target Operating Model (TOM) — the ideal state that achieves you strategic objectives with the greatest productivity, agility and flexibility at the lowest cost.

We’ll work with you to define the Target Operating Model that’s right for you. We’ve seen what works (and what doesn’t) in the world’s largest and most successful companies, and we can apply that knowledge and experience to help your business become one of them.

2. Implement

With BPA, you focus on the outcome you want to achieve while we worry about how to achieve it – even (or especially) as you grow and your operational needs change.

We leverage our broad expertise, deep experience and extensive relationships with leading technology providers to implement the right combination of software and services, including the latest technology and business process innovations, to help you realize your Target Operating Model – and sustain it.

3. Optimize

Unlike, BPO, BPA is dynamic and flexible. Instead of committing to one vendor’s BPO solution, you get access to a wide range of solutions from multiple vendors tailored to meet your unique needs and objectives, using a SaaS model to lower costs and increase flexibility.

As part of your subscription, we regularly re-evaluate and automatically update the mix of people, processes and technologies to help ensure you retain your edge and achieve the desired outcome even in the face of rapid change and disruptive forces.