Is your process mature enough for managed services?

Companies are exploring new models to keep pace with innovation and create advantage.

If you operate like many organizations, you may think your processes aren’t sufficiently mature and require a heavy lift that you can’t afford. 

But the way we see it, readiness for managed services is not about process maturity. It’s about your envisioned outcomes and the business case, which should go beyond cost savings alone.

Instead of assessing the maturity of a process, think about its value. Is every process in your organization delivering meaningful business outcomes, in the right time frame, with the right success metrics?

An important part of achieving meaningful outcomes is choosing a provider who doesn’t just run the process—they also help you redesign it at the outset. And since the transformation is an ongoing journey, not a one-and-done destination, the best providers help you continually evolve your processes to keep up with changing targets.




of executives plan to boost spending on managed services in the next two years.

Source: KPMG and HFS Managed Services Outlook 2022

Read our latest point of view: Is your process mature enough for managed services? to learn more about how many forward-looking companies are working with managed services providers to redesign and deliver critical processes.  

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