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How companies experiencing supply chain stress are finding relief in the power of supply chain analytics.

Chris Gottlieb

Chris Gottlieb

Principal, Supply Chain & Operations Advisory, KPMG US

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Today's supply chain challenge

Companies today are facing increasingly complex supply chains and struggling to identify the best ways to collect and analyze the right mix of data to make strategic, tactical decisions and get ahead of emerging risks.


Stress on the core operations of a business translates into higher operating costs, slower processing time, and higher overall risk.



Products & services

Diverse products and services require a complex combination of materials from a broader network of suppliers.


Sales transactions

Customer transactions are often structured at multiple price points and accompanied by unique terms and conditions. 


Customer services

As the number of channels increases, so too does customers' expectations of personalized customer service.



End users

Transform data into useful insights

The KPMG state-of-the-art Supply Chain Analytics Platform leverages data together with analytics and advanced financial modeling to help supply chain and finance teams tame complexity, choose the right opportunities, reduce operational stress, and get ahead of risk.

Data engineering algorithm
Sources, formats, and systems

Bottom-up economic modeling
Allocate costs down to each unique customer, order, and location

Advanced segmentation
Enable data-driven segmentation of customers

Advanced root-cause analysis
Uncover hidden root causes of profitability

Real-time simulations
Perform user-defined “what if” scenario modeling

Ongoing monitoring
Continually scan and automatically refresh data models

Finish connecting the dots.
Get the full picture here - including insight into which strategic levers can best operationalize your business.