New rules of business transformation

Lead with strategy. Enable with technology. Drive with data.

Insights-led transformation can help you create new value and discover untapped opportunities.

Businesses stay relevant by shifting with changing market dynamics, not fighting them. They can deliver value at velocity by looking for ways to go beyond legacy conventions.

There are five transformation objectives that help businesses reexamine their strategy and operations. Understanding their relationship to each other is how KPMG can help unlock the greatest growth potential.  

Our approach is guided by industry insights—perspectives that Elevate performance and prioritize a digitally Connected organization.  It’s Powered by technology to scale faster and Trusted by stakeholders to balance risk. 

We see transformation as a continuous capability—one that allows you to flex over time, consistently achieving milestones while always keeping the broader vision in view. Partner with KPMG on your Transformation Journey to drive value and unlock new opportunities.

Learn how to navigate the new rules for business transformation

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Generate capacity: Pay the way through efficiencies and optimized costs.

Organizations that are set on ambitious, structural change want to get to value quickly. Companies that succeed are leveraging digital technology and tested frameworks to move fast with reduced risk.


How can you ease growing pains as you scale your business?

U.S. Anesthesia Partners needed a back-office solution that would enable growth with scale.


How technology innovation drives compliance effectiveness

Uber’s investment in tax innovation supported long-term growth while protecting short-term liquidity.


Accelerate agility: Drive modernization and dynamic change culture.

Engaged consumers are more emotionally invested in your brand—and it’s that connection that drives loyalty. By shifting your focus to your customer, and creating streamlined processes to deliver to them, you can build lasting consumers and attract new ones. 

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How data is the gateway to understanding customers

In a world where customization is the rule, not the exception, prioritizing data strategy can help businesses make the most of their technology investments.


Shifting to the cloud can create solid ground to build upon

An energy company shifted to a cloud-first strategy in order to build an entire IT function in less than a year.

How do you enhance your digital presence to improve customer experience?

By developing innovative digital consumer lending experiences, this large bank was able to transfer its reputation for excellent in-person service to mobile-first, bank-anywhere services for their customers.


How do you adjust your operating and delivery models to meet changing customer behaviors?

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Rethink risk and resiliency: Balance risk and governance to inspire stakeholder trust

When you anticipate and balance risk, you can generate value and competitive advantage across your enterprise. Building trust with your stakeholders fosters growth and innovation, improves performance and helps you manage change. To thrive in today’s complex business environments – and keep pace with rapid transformation -- you need a dynamic approach to risk, compliance, cyber and ESG.


How do you use data analytics to highlight opportunities and risk concerns?

Fiserv, Inc. enhanced data analytics to facilitate faster and more strategic responses to market disruptions.


How important is trust to a company’s growth potential? 

In a fast-evolving market with unrelenting regulation, trust is the foundation needed to boldly innovate, grow responsibly, and create new paths forward.


Amplify customer centricity: Find paths to help power strategy.

In markets characterized by surprise and rapid change, C-suites want paths to growth and innovation that can flex as conditions and priorities shift. Learn how dynamic frameworks for budgeting and investing empower strategic agility.


How do you create opportunities when your supply chain has been disrupted?

A leading food supplier fast-tracks the transformation of their supply chain to create opportunities amidst profound shifts in industry and customer buying behavior.


Turbocharge your digital approach to small business lending

Developing and improving the online customer experience helped this bank create a stronger, more robust loan origination system.

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How do you create opportunities when your supply chain has been disrupted?

A leading food supplier fast-tracks the transformation of their supply chain to create opportunities amidst profound shifts in industry and customer buying behavior.


Create new value with growth and innovation.

Companies know ambitious transformation initiatives are high-stakes endeavors that can fall short without the right combination of drivers. Focusing on data-based transformation can shift the odds of success.


How do you adjust your operating and delivery models?

By adopting a modern B2B2C commerce model, this global prescription pet food maker created a better customer experience and opportunities for growth.


A playbook for a successful business transformation

73% of company transformations fail to deliver on growth and profitability—so here’s a look at how the winners beat the odds.


Are you driving meaningful transformation?

The new rules of business transformation include speed and scale that demand a collective approach to transformation. Part telescope and microscope—and everything in between—KPMG’s integrated transformation approach takes the entire picture into account, not just one aspect. We help you:

  • Elevate value by harnessing opportunities for revenue growth
  • Stay Connected using a sector and customer-centric, enterprise-wide approach to digital transformation
  • Power your business, leveraging technology, agile business practices and tested solutions
  • Inspire Trust with end-to-end risk solutions that create stakeholder confidence
  • Embark on a seamless Transformation Journey 
  • And with our heritage of 125 years in Tax, we specialize in transformation of tax operations, using an approach we call Tax Reimagined

Key contacts

Meet our trusted partners who help guide clients through their transformation journey and beyond.

U.S. Leader – KPMG Connected Enterprise 

Jeanne Johnson

Jeanne Johnson

Principal, Digital Transformation, KPMG US

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U.S. Leader – KPMG Powered Enterprise 

Don Mailliard

Don Mailliard

Principal, Advisory, Consulting National, KPMG US

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U.S. Leader – The Trusted Imperative   

Emily Frolick

Emily Frolick

Partner, Technology Risk Management, KPMG US

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U.S. Leader – KPMG Elevate

Scott Rankin

Scott Rankin

National Advisory Leader, Consumer & Retail, KPMG LLP

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U.S. Leader – KPMG Transformation Journey 

Philip L. Hoskins

Philip L. Hoskins

Managing Director, Program Delivery Services, KPMG US

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Global Leader – Tax Reimagined

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Sean Bloodwell

Partner, Head of Global Compliance Management Services, KPMG US

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